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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the in-app Shopping List and the Shop SlimFast options, why aren’t they combined?

The in-app Shopping List and the Shop SlimFast options are two fantastic ways to fast-track your shopping. Each offers different experiences based on your grocery needs.

For the in-app Shopping List feature, you can pull food items from your daily menus and purchase these items online via WalMart and InstaCart. This is ONLY for food items. Availability of SlimFast products are not guaranteed with these online retail partners.

If you are looking to purchase ONLY SlimFast products, purchase through Shop SlimFast. This option can be found under the “products” section of the app. Select from a specific SlimFast product category. Once you have the SlimFast product you would like to purchase select the red “Shop SlimFast” button. This will take you directly to our Shop SlimFast website, where you can purchase SlimFast products and have them shipped straight to your door.