Keto Basics

Keto Basics


SlimFast Keto Basics

Keep your Keto plan on track with Slimfast  Keto Basics. Make sure you’re on the path to ketosis with versatile SlimFast Keto MCT Oil and check your progress with SlimFast Keto Ketone Test Strips. They’re the perfect complements to make sure you’re crushing your Keto weight loss goals.

SlimFast Keto MCT Oil


Nutritional Information

  • 14g Fat
  • ZERO Carbs
  • 130 Calories

SlimFast Keto Ketone Test Strips


Keto Quick-Start Guide


Ready to get started? Become Keto confident with the SlimFast Keto Quick-Start Guide. In it you'll find a valuable 7-day meal planner, with Keto recipes that fit The SlimFast Keto Plan, along with a shopping list and tips for success - so you can see results in just one week.*