SlimFast Keto Snacks

Keto Snacks


SlimFast Keto Snacks

Slim down by snacking it up with our delicious SlimFast Keto Snacks. Our Peanut Butter Cup Fat Bomb and Keto Creamer provide the low-carb ketogenic nutrition you need with ingredients like coconut oil MCTs and are free from gluten.

It’s never been this easy to be Keto confident and satisfy your cravings while burning fat instead of carbs. Turn every cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa into a decadent treat with Keto Creamer, or power up with convenient Keto Fat Bombs full of creamy peanut butter and rich chocolate. This is Keto made easy™.

SlimFast Keto Fat Bombs


Nutritional Information

  • 2g Net Carbs
  • 2g Protein
  • 8g Fat
  • 90 Calories

SlimFast Keto Creamer


Nutritional Information

  • 3g Total Carbs
  • <1g Protein
  • 8g Fat
  • 80 Calories

Keto Quick-Start Guide

Front cover of the SlimFast Keto Quick-Start Guide accented with a wooden board with steak and spices.

Ready to get started? Become Keto confident with the SlimFast Keto Quick-Start Guide. In it you'll find a valuable 7-day meal planner, with Keto recipes that fit The SlimFast Keto Plan, along with a shopping list and tips for success - so you can see results in just one week.*