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Lost 31 lbs. and 18″ in 26 weeks

Amy is a 48 year old single mother of three with not much time for herself. But when she discovered The SlimFast Plan, she found the motivation to get started with her weight loss goals. After sticking to The Plan, Amy lost 31 pounds, 18″ and has a newfound confidence!

It is funny how we look at losing weight. I had put on an excess of thirty pounds and was beating myself up about losing weight. Not only had I gained 30+ pounds, but I also aged 3 years since gaining the weight. That’s a double-whammy.

Weight loss as we age is more difficult. We lose muscle tone so often we feel like giving up. I really needed to find my motivation. How does one, single, with three kids motivate herself? You need a start date and a program that is straightforward and proven by professionals to work. SlimFast.

What made it successful for me? I just followed the plan. The meals, the snacks, and I exercised. After being on SlimFast for a few months, I went two weeks without using the snacks and realized that I was not losing the weight that I was losing when I did eat the snacks. The snacks work. Even if you are not hungry, they kept you feeling full and your metabolism working. The other thing that made it a success is having a reasonable goal with a reasonable amount of time to achieve it. Just saying you want to lose 10, 20, 50 pounds doesn’t cut it. You need a plan of action.

The biggest de-motivator was looking at my photos for the first 1-3 months. I was working so hard and FEELING results and seeing my clothes get small but I wanted to see the results on my body. I suggest having someone take the photos of you and do not be tempted to look at them. Celebrate the pounds, inches and how you feel instead of focusing on the pictures.

Be patient. You didn’t get out of shape in 1-3 months so don’t expect to get back into shape and your old self that quickly either. I really loved the fact that I could bring a shake or snack with me to my kids water polo practices and meets. I was not going to give up. Just because I am not at home does not mean I am going to fall off track. For me, I’m a single parent so I do not have a support system. I do not have a partner, I do it all by myself. So single-moms and dads out there…you can do this because I did!

There are drawbacks to getting your new body back. You may feel younger and better about yourself. This may intimidate your boyfriend or hubby and even set your friends back. The best line I love is “so are you done with the program?” and my answer is a resounding NO! I am not going to leave the program. I will continue to have a protein shake for breakfast, exercise, and eat quality meals. My kids are eating healthier and they love the SlimFast snacks and shakes as well! My 18 year old daughter has lost 15 pounds using the SlimFast shakes. She’s an athlete and always on the go. I can now travel and not have to worry about “putting on weight”. I love it.

Now I have new goals. I love the new me and the way I feel. I went to college orientation and students thought I was my daughter’s sister. People at the store ask if we’re sisters. It’s great! My dad has kidney problems and was so happy to see that he can eat the SlimFast products and shakes because they are low in Potassium! I have had several people at LA Fitness ask me what I was doing because I look better each week! I said SlimFast! Even an attorney friend of mine saw me at the gym and said “every eye in this gym is on you”. I laughed!

It feels great, I have more confidence, and I feel that I will now have more success in my career!

Thank you SLIMFAST,

† Amy is a remunerated Brand Ambassador and used the SlimFast Plan (a reduced-calorie diet, regular exercise, and plenty of fluids) for 26 weeks. Average weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week. Results not typical. Read label prior to use. Check with your doctor if nursing, pregnant, under 18, or following a doctor prescribed diet.

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