Amy's Letter To Herself

Amy’s Letter To Herself

I missed the slim, happy-go-lucky, smiling girl I once was not too long ago. She had all the energy that I no longer had. She radiated with the vitality I felt was so far beyond reach. I gave myself a choice. I chose to start the SlimFast Plan, get motivated and feel lighter as I took on each day, curbing every craving with a shake, smoothie or snack.

Now, my focus is on living a healthier lifestyle and not just weight loss. My journey from being the Amy who was 30 pounds overweight, recently divorced and not able to zip up her jeans took me to a girl who is proud of who I was because it gave me more motivation to conquer today. I’m still taking my journey day by day, and with the SlimFast Plan, I feel stronger for being fearless of losing the weight and keeping it off.


Dear Amy:

You’re at a crossroads, and you need to make a choice. Finally finished with the divorce, it’s time to make you number one in your life.

You miss the slim, happy go lucky, smiling girl you were not too long ago. She had all the energy that you no longer have and she radiated with the vitality that you feel is now so far away. Here is your choice: Start the SlimFast Plan, get motivated and feel lighter as you take on each day, conquering every craving with a shake, smoothie or snack. Or, feel the discomfort of not fitting into your clothes and the insecurity of feeling like you look older.

Amy, I’m so proud of your decision to change your life for the better. As the days turn into weeks on the SlimFast Plan, your energy increases. Your confidence doubles. You’re beginning to get the “you” back who loved to take the stairs rather the elevator. The “you” who parks the car all the way across the mall parking lot just to burn those extra calories. No one can stop you, Amy, and there’s no one in your way. The SlimFast Plan is about you and changing your life, starting now.

Amy, you didn’t know how long it would take, but you decided to invest in yourself starting with the SlimFast Plan. You were scared because you didn’t know how strong you were. You made the decision to do whatever it took, even though it’s a long journey that we’re still taking day by day.

The SlimFast Plan helped you take your life by the reins and say I WILL DO THIS. You started the SlimFast Plan to be healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally. Once you’ve committed, you’ll be a better example to your children because of the investment that you made. Your children can see that making a positive lifestyle choice is possible and that the goal to become more fit is within reach.

Thank you to the girl who chose the SlimFast Plan and became an inspiration to her children and to everyone around her with whom she could share her journey. This girl is you, Amy. You inspired those around you to be healthier and happier in their lives.

You began counting calories and took enough SlimFast with you to curb the cravings during trips and between meals. Taking the SlimFast Plan day by day helped you feel more confident in your goals. Most importantly, you forgave yourself for those “oops” moments and kept on going.

My focus is on my life and not just the weight loss. My journey from being the Amy who was 30 pounds overweight took me to a woman who is now proud of who I have become. I’m focused on the simple steps of the SlimFast Plan and making healthy choices. Now, I congratulate the Amy who only several weeks ago didn’t know if she could do it. If she could start living a healthy lifestyle with the SlimFast Plan, I can keep going. My small wins day-by-day are a lifestyle change that inspire my children, my family, my friends and everyone around me who benefit from knowing that it starts with the right decision made at the crossroads between making a change or staying fearful of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Thank you SlimFast!

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