SlimFast Plan Tips


Hack Your SlimFast Keto Shake

Get creative with your SlimFast Keto shakes without changing your macros! Simply add flavorful extracts to your shake mix and 8 ounces of water.

Tips For Game Day Snacking Success

Set your snack game plan and position yourself for a win! SlimFast Consultant and Registered Dietitian, Maryann, brings you 5 strategies for Game Day snacking success.

500- Calorie Game Day Meals

Football season is finally here and it’s time to call in some trick plays. Check out these recipes for 500-calorie meals to help you stay on track and finish strong.

Bake Shop Hacks

Satisfy your sweet tooth and get creative. These protein-packed Bake Shop recipes are fun and delicious.

Download Bake Shop Hacks

100-Calorie Snack Ideas

We made finding delicious 100-calorie snacks easy with this quick list. Slimming snacks that curb your appetite are why these 100-calorie snacks make your shopping list healthy and smart. Munch guiltlessly between meals!

SlimFast in the Snow
10 Easy Ways to Burn Calories

From de-cluttering your home to working up a sweat on a walk with the dog, Here are 10 simple ways to Get moving without even trying (Shhhh!!).


How to Survive the Halloween Temptation

From picking pumpkins to passing out non-candy treats, here are 10 sure ways to survive this Halloween.

Leftover Recipes – May be the Best Part!

Who doesn’t love having leftovers after Thanksgiving? Here are some fantastic leftover recipes for you to make – and all of them are 500 calories or less.

Joann's Tips For Surviving Holiday Parties

SlimFast Success Story, Joann, shares some invaluable holiday survival tips. They’re small changes with big results! Plan ahead, enjoy, and then get back to The Plan. We know you can stick to your goals, even with a little temptation.  Read her tips.

Diet Tips To Be Thankful For!

Sticking to a diet during the holidays can be tough. Deborah shares 5 tips that helped her stay on track and still love the holidays.

Read her tips here.