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Lost 27 lbs. and 10″ in 26 weeks

How does one busy father of 5 children find time to lose weight? Chris followed the SlimFast Plan and lost 27 lbs. fast!

First off, I would like to say thank you to SlimFast as I’m eternally grateful for my incredible transformation and creating awareness that SlimFast is for men too!
December 2015 was when I first started the SlimFast Plan. With great anticipation, I was eager to lose 20 lbs! Many don’t realize that SlimFast isn’t just about losing an excess amount of weight, but rather being comfortable in your own skin. That’s what I ultimately wanted! To have that young 20’s body that I once had!
With the many challenges I’ve faced both mentally and physically over the past 10 years, I wanted to commit 100% to the SlimFast Plan. And I did; all while fathering 5 children. With the loving support of my wife, Ingrid, I was able to shed off those 20 lbs almost immediately! In 5 weeks, I had gotten to my goal weight! 5 WEEKS!!! Now what? I lost the weight I wanted to lose… so what do I do now? Am I done? No! With gym dedication, calorie control, and persistent habitual routines, I was feeling incredible and still do to this day!
By the end of the program, I weighed an astounding 168 lbs! That’s 7lbs more than I wanted to lose. I haven’t seen 168 lbs. since I was a sophomore in high school, but this time with more muscle. I have maintained the weight all while transforming any remaining fat into muscle. I followed the SlimFast Plan of two shakes and three snacks along with a sensible meal of just under 1,000 calories a day. I wasn’t perfect, and no one should be… because we all need our sanity. Ice cream and the occasional chocolate chip cookie found its way into my mouth but the difference now was that I practiced portion control. With the SlimFast Plan, you can still eat what you want and lose the weight fast as long as you stay true to the Plan. Thank you SlimFast for my incredible transformation and I look forward to continuing this healthy lifestyle as it’s the only true way to be happy in your own skin!

Ambassador for MEN

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