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Man and women smiling at each other
Man and women smiling at each other

Real Tasty. Real Simple. Real Results*.

When used as part of the SlimFast 1-2-3 Plan.

Slimfast 123 plan

The SlimFast Plan is easy as 1-2-3.

One sensible meal; two meal replacement shakes, smoothies, or bars; and three snacks. SlimFast shakes can curb hunger up to 4hrs*

*Satiety was measured in a laboratory-controlled setting.

How can SlimFast work for you?

Weight management should fit into your life, not BE in your life--it should meet where you are, support your goals, deliver results, and taste great doing it. SlimFast makes the journey possible for anyone

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Slim Down

Manage your weight without sacrificing on quality and taste--we have plans for every goal and lifestyle.

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Better Choices

Choose better options with SlimFast's delicious selections of shakes, snacks, drinks, and treats.

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Maintain Weight

Once you reach your goal, use SlimFast to stay right in your sweet spot.

Additional Information

The SlimFast Together Group

A private weight management community within Facebook that offers helpful tips, tricks, and advice from fellow members. You can also chat about cutting fat (and carbs, sugar, or any other specialty diet!) with our brand ambassadors - real people who have lost weight and are keeping it off with the help of SlimFast.

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Where to Buy

Available at our Shop SlimFast website, Walmart, Amazon, and Target.

Education & Resources

Looking for additional support? Check out our expert tools and advice to help maximize your success.