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SlimFast has made Intermittent Fasting easier than ever with a new line of Intermittent Fasting products made to fit your lifestyle and support your fasting goals!


SlimFast Intermittent Fasting Snack Shake Mixes are formulated with hunger control in mind and are perfect to enjoy before you enter your fasting zone.


SlimFast Intermittent Fasting Complete Meal Bars are packed with nutrition, making them a smart and satisfying way to break your fast.


SlimFast Intermittent Fasting Energizing Hydration Supplement Drinks mixed with at least 16.9 oz of water, provide fruit flavor and the hydration needed during your fasting zone.

Product Lineup

Enjoy a variety of great-tasting solutions to complement and enhance your Intermittent Fasting lifestyle

Chocolate Nut Crunch Complete Meal Bar

Vanilla Almond Crunch Complete Meal Bar

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Hunger Control Snack Shake Mix Desktop

Double Chocolate Cake Snack Shake Mix

Vanilla Cupcake Snack Shake Mix

Berry Lemonade Energizing Hydration Supplement

Fruit Punch Energizing Hydration Supplement

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Where to Buy

Available nationwide in store and online

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