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As routines restart after a tough spring, make rediscovering your best you a priority.
SlimFast is here to help you stick to The Plan and leave unwanted pounds behind while looking forward to what’s ahead.

Weight Loss Solutions

Food and Nutrition

A healthful, balanced diet plays a vital role in staying strong and keeping your body fueled properly.

Physical and Mental Wellness

Taking care of your emotional and mental well being can be just as important as your physical health.

Stay Connected

Over 40% of our SlimFast Together Community members report maintaining or losing weight under stay-at-home orders. Find motivation, support and friendship for your weight loss journey. Join today.

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Finding stability in your health and fitness journey in an ever-changing world just got easier with SlimFast tools to help you with your weight loss goals! Living in quarantine isn’t something anybody expected when they first set their health goals—but when the going gets tough, we know that you’re up for the challenge! These tools serve as a much-needed guide through what is becoming our new normal, helping you find your way back towards your goals and ultimately get back to YOU! SlimFast tools, including the clinically proven SlimFast Plan and the SlimFast Together mobile app, are here to help you rediscover your best self. Keep your healthy eating game on the right path, right from the palm of your hand with the SlimFast mobile app assistant which offers healthy recipes, progress tracking, a daily meal planner, and much more, wherever you may be!

No weight loss toolbox would be complete without highlighting the vital role nutrition plays, not just in your journey towards your ideal weight but also in maintaining optimal health. With increasing time spent at home, maintaining healthy eating habits has become a new challenge for us all. Luckily, SlimFast tools include a vast array of resources to help navigate you through the chaos. From eating out in the new world, to surviving at-home snacking, SlimFast tools provide you with a roadmap towards healthy eating and special diets that not only keep you on track but provide immunity-boosting benefits!

Maintaining your weight loss goals, overcoming new challenges, and adjusting to new routines during quarantine is no easy task. SlimFast tools are perfect to turn to when the stress begins to hit, allowing you to transform that energy into newfound motivation to make your physical and mental wellness a priority. Quarantine who? You’ve got this!