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The perfect choice for making optimal low-carb, ketogenic nutrition as easy as 1-2-3.

The clinically proven SlimFast Keto Plan combines over 40 years of weight loss success with tasty and satisfying products, to now also offer you optimal ketogenic nutrition. Follow the SlimFast Keto Plan to help you lose weight fast and keep it off.® See results in just one week!*

Why Keto?

Reaching a state of ketosis motivates your metabolism to become a fat-burning machine. The key to Keto is striking the right balance of nutrients for your body to shift its fuel source from carbs to fat. Count on SlimFast Keto products to help you become Keto confident!


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Resources to Help You Become Keto Confident


Keto Quick-Start Guide

Ready to get started? Become Keto confident with the SlimFast Keto Quick-Start Guide. In it you'll find a valuable 7-day meal planner, with Keto recipes that fit The SlimFast Keto Plan, along with a shopping list and tips for success - so you can see results in just one week.*

Keto Recipes

SlimFast Keto is serving up Keto-friendly recipes to simplify your meal planning and help you burn fat instead of carbs. With a variety of meals and snacks that fit optimal ketogenic guidelines, losing weight with SlimFast Keto is easy as 1-2-3.


Maryann's Take on Keto

Registered Dietitian and SlimFast Plan Consultant Maryann Walsh takes a look at what the Keto diet is and what it isn’t.