5 Steps to Keto Success

5 Steps to Keto Success

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5 Steps to SlimFast Keto Success

SlimFast Keto makes Keto easy to fit into your lifestyle with a simple plan that includes decadent, indulgent and convenient products.


Keto Diet

Reaching a state of ketosis motivates your metabolism to become a fat-burning machine. The key to Keto is striking the right balance of nutrients for your body to shift from carbs to fat as fuel.

Here are 5 steps to SlimFast Keto success:

  1. Getting started on Keto means getting organized and knowing what foods to eat on the Keto diet. Try mapping out your meals for a full week before you make your shopping list. Calculate the macros for each day and adjust as needed. We’ve made it easy with the SlimFast Keto Quick-Start Guide that includes a 7-day keto meal planner (download below). Once you’ve set yourself up for success, go shopping!
  2. Pair the foods you eat with added fats to keep you feeling full and try to limit your intake of grains and sugar. Items like heavy cream, cheese and MCT oil are versatile fats that can be used in many dishes.
  3. Water is vital to keeping yourself healthy and active! Fill up a large water bottle and carry it around with you so it is always readily available. Keep a count of how many times you are filling it up!
  4. You can still maintain your workout routine even though you are restricting carbs. Steady cardio, short duration and high intensity workouts, as well as activities like yoga are perfect for a Keto diet! Made sure to consult your doctor before making any changes to your physical activity.
  5. Your scale is not the only way to measure your success. Use a tape measure to see if you are losing inches, or just pay attention to how your clothes fit. If you think you’ve hit a plateau, try switching up your fitness routine or take a look at your daily meal plan.  A small change could make all the difference!

Get Your Keto Diet Guide Now!

More tips for Keto success and everything you need to know to get started including our 7-Day Keto Meal Planner can be found in our helpful Quick-Start Guide. Fill out the form below and jump-start your Keto journey today!