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Celebrate the Season with your Loved Ones

The holiday celebrations towards the end of the year can sometimes make it challenging to finish the year on a healthy note. With all the delicious feasts, and other sweet treats your waistline and your willpower are definitely put to the test! SlimFast Brand Ambassador Staci C., shares how she stays on track and celebrates the holidays with her family with a focus on healthy recipes and support from SlimFast.

Celebrate the Season with your Loved Ones Image

The holiday season is one of my absolute favorite times of the year. It is a time to be together, live in the moment, and celebrate life. However, the holidays also mean celebrating with old family recipes, which typically aren’t the healthiest. Chrismukkah is what my family celebrates, to combine the traditions of both of our families. We have a big meal, open presents, and enjoy the chaos. This year I decided (with the help of my sister) to celebrate in a new way. Recently, my mom had a little health scare, which prompted my sister and me to think of a menu that was diet-friendly AND delicious for all! I was thrilled to be able to adapt the menu to fit our family. Our menu consisted of mini protein pancakes with sugar-free syrup and strawberry Santa hats, egg white frittata bites with veggies, chicken souvlaki skewers, fruit, and of course the new SlimFast Keto snack square, White and Dark Chocolate Peppermint (Gram’s new favorite). The family was thrilled to celebrate healthy choices and we enjoyed a wonderful brunch together! My family is extremely supportive of my weight loss and thrilled I have maintained - even after five years.

Personally, to celebrate reaching my goals, I reward myself with new workout attire. I am a huge fan of living comfortably and functionally, so new workout gear or swimsuits are my go-to reward for staying on track! It is also nice to reward yourself with items that can show off your new curves. Shopping was the first thing I did when I reached my goal. A new wardrobe to match my new shape was much needed and so much fun. Living in Florida, it was important to me to feel confident in a swimsuit to be able to enjoy the beach lifestyle with my family and friends.

One of my biggest supporters on my SlimFast journey is my boyfriend, Marcel, who ironically is a chef. Luckily, he has also been on a health/weight loss journey (and even enjoys my SlimFast shakes and snacks with me). I am very spoiled - he makes my SlimFast Smoothie every morning, and even decorates them with berries, ha! We are constantly cooking for friends and family and find ways to make recipes healthier and still delicious. He is my gym partner and my daily support system.

I am also very lucky to have my sister Dani and her husband Paul, occupational and physical therapists, to be a constant support system. A lot of what they teach their patients is health based, so nutrition and daily movement is a staple of their practice. They encourage my cooking and happily consume the new healthy recipes I try. We’re even teaching my niece, Hailey (4 years old), about healthy choices and the importance of eating mindfully. It is very cool to have the support of my boyfriend and family on this journey. It allows me to live my life, indulge when I want to, and get right back on track!

SlimFast has made the holiday season so easy to manage and I am SO grateful! A weight loss plan is a lifestyle change, not just a temporary fix to wiggle off the holiday pounds. Cheers to you & your loved ones this holiday season!