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Coming Together and Supporting Each Other Through Change

Ambassador Jennifer B. shares the ways in which she found support and inspiration to power through the hurdles of her weight loss journey from the SlimFast Together communities.

Let's face it, life can be uncertain at times. In the blink of an eye changes come from all directions forcing us out of our comfort zone. No matter if it is a sudden job change, relationships, closure of your favorite gym, an emotional day, or just day-to-day stress - we all look for a way to effectively navigate through life without losing sight of our health and emotional needs. For myself, I have found the place where I receive a constant source of energy, encouragement and inspiration … the SlimFast Together Groups.

In the groups, we see members lifting each other up in every stage of life (new parents, retirees, stay-at-home parents, active office workers, etc.). There are thousands of people to relate with on a wide variety of topics, coming together every day, ready to cheer for one another over every victory! Whether that be on the scale, a new clothing size, eating healthier, reaching a personal water or step goal - all are celebrated and appreciated. Even if it is just being there to admit we had a bad day and needing to vent. Our communities come together and actively engage with a deep care for the success of individuals.

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On a personal note, I was alone in my endeavors to lose weight and become healthier. Without the love and support of these groups, my 51-pound weight loss and two-year maintenance never would have been possible. My life looks drastically different from the sedentary form it was at one point. In these groups I have taken part in virtual 5k's, Walking Challenges, Water Drinking Challenges, One Minute Plank Challenges, and daily random activities that make you stop and think. It’s a way to start my day with purpose and commitment.

I have grown so much through all of these things thanks to a steady stream of positivity and witnessing the success of so many within the groups. A prime example is how I overcame my distaste for exercise. As I watched others reach their daily goals of various exercises, there grew inside of me a confidence to be able to do so as well. I have gone on to do many things I would have once thought impossible, such as: taking a ballet class and performing in a live production, making it across the monkey bars at a park with my children (for the first time ever), increasing my step goal average from 400-700 steps a day to 10,000, training for running, rollerblading, and starting a daily online workout with my friends in the group.

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Now, my passion is to be there and encourage the next person looking to get through changes. My unique, first hand experiences on the SlimFast Plan help to connect and relate to other members that are looking for guidance. We share our journeys, triumphs, tricks, tips, failures and goals in a group setting for the benefit of all. It’s safe to say that no one walks away from the group without being inspired -- or becoming an inspiration for someone else.

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In the SlimFast Together Groups there is never a problem or change you have to face alone. Because we are here to help! And Together We Are Stronger!

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