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Setting Goals for the New Year

The start of the New Year is a perfect time to make plans for the future, give yourself a new opportunity to build healthy habits, make changes in your everyday routine, and give a fresh start on the goals we didn’t reach previously. SlimFast Brand Ambassador Joann R. shares what goals she plans to set for the New Year and how she plans to achieve them!

I had a baby in 2020 and I still find myself using the phrase, “I just had a baby”. I don’t know when this new, first-time mom haze fully goes away but I truly still feel like I’m in it. My goal for the next year is to work on prioritizing my energy!

I want to:

  • Meal plan with SlimFast
  • Incorporate basic daily exercise
  • Journal every day
  • Get more rest
Jumpstart to Reach your Resolution 1

I’ve been following the SlimFast Plan for years and it’s such a staple for my lifestyle. I love the convenience of it! Since becoming a mom, it’s been a lifesaver to have that constant still around for me. I have a SlimFast meal replacement bar every morning with a cup of coffee and it’s a breakfast that takes no time at all, perfect for busy mornings with my son who’s new trick is climbing on everything. The bonus is that I’m not tied to the table. I can eat pretty much anywhere! Having a good and easy plan, while fueling me to take on my busy life is something I’m happy to incorporate into my goals for the coming year. I can meal plan with the SlimFast Together App, and our SlimFast Together online group is filled with amazing people who share recipes and meal prep ideas too!

Jumpstart to Reach your Resolution 2

Exercise is something that energizes me but can feel daunting. I want to go back to the basics! Whether it’s stretching for 10 minutes a day or taking a walk around the block, I want to do a little every day. If that turns into more, that’s great but I want to shift away from the mindset of feeling unproductive for not getting in perfect workouts every day!

Jumpstart to Reach your Resolution 3

I used to be the queen of planners! I had different colored pens and a beautiful custom spiraled planner that followed me everywhere. Becoming a mom kind of turned that all around for me. I feel so much better when my schedule isn’t packed to the brim. I find so much peace in the slow days. But I am also a person who craves routine. Instead of filling my planner and crossing out to-do lists every day, I want to journal this year. It’s a great way to take time for myself and I look forward to picking out just the right journal as a treat for myself.

Jumpstart to Reach your Resolution 4

I want to get more rest this year too. My phone has a feature that lets you set a bedtime and it turns off notifications and apps for you! I think that will be a great help in getting more rest and winding down each day! I want to take one day a month to just stay home and enjoy time with my family.

If you’re looking at setting a goal for the year, my advice is to start small and build from there and keep yourself accountable. If you’re looking to get started with the SlimFast Plan, you’re in great hands. Our online community is so unique. It offers everything from support and motivation to monthly challenges and real-life people from all walks of life, relating to one another in a positive and helpful way! The SlimFast Plan is easy to follow and a great way to try something new. There are so many delicious products, and flavors that you can mix and match to find what works best for you. I hope you join me this year, whatever your goal is, let’s do it together!