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Hazely Gets Moving with Yoga

Weight loss comes with an effort in activity, but Hazely never cared very much for exercise. That was until she manifested her own workout mantra, with the help of a close friend’s guidance & an introduction to the world of yoga. By sticking to the SlimFast Plan, and including yoga into her routine, she slimmed down and met her weight loss goals! In fact, it did so much more. It brought her closer to her children – or as the yogis say developed a sense of “kula”, or community. Now, that’s something to celebrate.

Starting my SlimFast journey came with excitement, but also a commitment to make a lot of changes in my life – from healthy eating habits to a more active lifestyle. The only problem was that I was not an active person at all. I would find a way to do the bare minimum in everything that involved exercising. I wasn’t motivated by the idea of going for a run, to the gym, or a workout class. So, I decided to give it my best, but the best for me was dedicating 25 minutes of my day to a workout I just wanted to get done and be over with. I was dragging my feet to even press play on the videos, and would watch the clock and think to myself that I needed to find a way to get myself back in shape. But in the end, I knew this was not what I wanted; it was not who I am.

Hazely in downward-facing dog on the beach.

Downward-Facing Dog – This position helps stretching your back and helps lower back pain.

Hazely in warrior 2 pose on the beach.

Warrior 2 Pose – It is said this pose increases stamina.

After a few weeks on The SlimFast Plan, a very close friend encouraged me to try a hot yoga class. Again, someone was trying to give me options. What did I have to lose? As it turned out – nothing! I actually gained a new hobby. On Day 1 of my yoga classes, I fell in love! Yoga was just the thing I needed to help me stay focused and connect with my inner peace, but also burn calories and tone my muscles. I was able to disconnect from the world and set special time aside just for me. The dread that I once used to feel about doing exercise, was replaced with joy; in fact, I relished in driving to my class each day to work on mastering the bird of paradise, my favorite yoga pose. Plus, I was always in an even better mood when I got out!

Brand Ambassador, Hazely, doing yoga

Since I was feeling energized all the time, I wanted to spread the love. It was time to get my family involved, too! So, I took them to an easy yoga class with me, and my husband and kids loved it! It was then that I said to myself it was possible to start doing more physical activities with my family. I started looking for fun, family 5k races, and this became our group activity! Keep in mind I said fun; rather than your standard races, the types of 5ks we do involve inflatables, colored powder, and navigating through a bunch of fun obstacles! This was a great way to enjoy my boys, and all be active together!

Hazely posing after a color run with her family.

Now, we set aside some time to move each day – from workouts in the park, to actual runs and obstacle courses! Yoga was the beginning of finding my active side and being motivated. While my practice has brought much success to my weight loss & diet goals, it has also developed a sense of unity with my family – which is something you can’t weigh the value of! It has been two years since I was introduced to yoga, and a year and a half since I reached my weight goal. I now love the new, active version of Hazely that jumps around with her kids. Looking to manifest your own mantra? Try a beginner’s yoga class near you!