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Rachael’s Letter To Herself

Check out SlimFast Ambassador Rachael’s letter to her former self as she provides the motivation and guidance she wishes she knew at the start of her weight loss journey – from packing snacks when she’s on-the-go, to pounding the pavement as she makes progress.

Dear Rachael,
I am so proud of you for taking this first step! The SlimFast Plan is going to be a great new experience for you. Get ready to lose more than you ever thought you could! Your body can let go of this “middle-aged” weight. You just have to teach it how. Believe me; you can do it if you have the proper motivation.
Here are some other things to keep in mind. You are consuming fewer calories than you are used to, so it will take some time to adjust. You might feel hungry quickly after your smarter meals, but drink some hot tea and wait a little. Your body is just learning that it needs to burn off the extra fat you have stored. Also, a big note to self: stop eating so fast! This is part of why you have this extra weight. Slow down and enjoy your meal replacement shakes. They will satisfy you more fully if you give your stomach extra time to register the meal.

Knowing a few tricks will make all the difference on your path to success. It may be hard to find the correct calories on some foods, but don’t feel like you should deprive yourself if you can’t figure it out. The eyes can be bigger than the stomach, so research caloric values of the foods you choose before eating them so you can be honest about what 100 calories really looks like. Keep hunger pangs in their place. We’ve all been there; you’re out of the house when cravings close in and there’s only vending machines in sight. Pack your bag with better snacks and you’ll stay satisfied until dinner. Remember: eat slowly.

Stay Positive. Slow progress is better than no progress and the goal is to get there in one piece. You are blazing new trails. You know how you hate to run? Dropping the weight will make running a breeze. I know, I couldn’t believe it either! It will be a gradual build up, but just like losing the weight and learning to eat differently, success comes a little at a time.

This is more than a diet; it’s a major life change that affects your eating habits, your size and your physical ability. You’re going to be able to cross your legs comfortably! People will have many opinions about your progress; they may tell you that you don’t need to lose more weight, or that you should lose more. It’s ok; they don’t know your weight loss goals. You are beautiful as you are and don’t have to prove your worth. Compliments are wonderful but try not to listen to what other people say. It’s important to remember that you did this for yourself. It’s the beginning of a beautiful journey that started with a single step: SlimFast.