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SlimFast Together App

The SlimFast Together App

Manage your Weight your Way

Personalize your weight management journey with the all NEW SlimFast Together app! Lose or maintain your weight with three ways to make the SlimFast Plan work for you: Flexible Favorite Foods, Low-Carb or Keto.

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The Choice is Yours

Choose from one of three ways of eating or let us help you choose by taking a short five-question quiz! The reinvented SlimFast Together mobile app is the most convenient way to get started on the SlimFast 1-2-3 Plan with everything you need right at your fingertips. Managing your weight has never been easier.

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Meal Planning Made Easy

Meal Planning Made Easy

Whether you choose Favorite Foods, Low-Carb or Keto, the app provides meal planning tools that let you customize your menus as much or as little as you like. Let the app do the work for you with a variety of pre-defined daily plans, swap out your favorite meals and products for just a bit of personalization, or build your own plan from scratch – all with just a few clicks. The built-in calculator will let you know if your plan fits your calorie and macro targets, so you can feel assured that you will stay on track to reach your goals.

Get Ready with Recipes

Find delicious recipes available right in the app, helping you to stay on track while enjoying a variety of food options that are considerate of all your macronutrient needs. From breakfast to dessert, the SlimFast Together app has you covered. Enjoy the convenience of your favorite recipes searchable right at your fingertips!

Get Ready with Recipes

Shop SlimFast & Groceries in an Instant

Get all your meals and snacks as you plan your daily menus within the SlimFast Together app. Have your SlimFast favorites delivered to your door from Shop SlimFast with just a few clicks. PLUS, automatically create your grocery shopping list to prepare selected menus and order pick-up or delivery at your favorite retailer, all within the app.

Progress Tracking

The SlimFast Together app goes beyond just a number on the scale. Get a complete picture of all the aspects of your life that contribute to your weight, in one place with the progress tracker. Record water intake and activity PLUS body measurements, sleep quality and stress levels. View all metrics in the enhanced progress screen with expandable graphs and charts.

Progress Tracking

More Features You'll Enjoy


Access helpful educational content as well as an exclusive blog from Registered Dietitian and SlimFast Plan Consultant, Maryann Walsh


Share your favorite recipes with friends and family through social media, email or text message


Snap and upload pics throughout your weight loss journey to see your progress


Receive reminders, notifications and motivational messages to help you stay on track and reach your goals

Get started today!

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