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Plan Tools

The SlimFast® Plan gives you all the tools you need to achieve your weight loss goals; from motivating real-life success stories to a personalized meal planner so you can cater your plan to your personal tastes. With the SlimFast Quick-Start Guide, begin your journey today and write your own success story tomorrow.

Registered Dietitian

Maryann Walsh is a Registered Dietitian based in Palm Beach, Florida who consults on the SlimFast Plan. Read her bio here to learn more about her background and how she counsels weight loss candidates following the SlimFast Plan, advising them on nutrition and helping them to make better food choices.

Pick a Date, Lose the Weight!

No matter your reason for losing weight, SlimFast wants to help you achieve your goals fast*. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today with your FREE Quick-Start Guide!


Starting a new diet can feel very motivating – it’s the sticking to it that can be difficult. With SlimFast, it’s easy to find ways to keep things interesting. Check out our tips for creative ways to hack your meal plan – from snack ideas to survival guides.

SlimFast Blogs

Need a little inspiration pick-me-up? Check out blogs from successful SlimFast users like Deborah. Deborah decided she needed to make a change and lost 63 pounds. Her letter to her pre-SlimFast self will inspire you.