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Behind The Scenes On The SlimFast Ambassador Video Shoot

For over forty years, here at SlimFast, we have had the opportunity to play a part in helping people find the courage to take back control of their weight and see results far beyond their goals…and it never gets old. Recently, we introduced 15 of our newest brand ambassadors who collectively lost a total of 514 pounds! People just like you. Young and old. Moms and Dads. Grandpas and Grandmas. People who have tried and tried again to lose the weight but have struggled to see things through. This time things were different. Armed with The SlimFast Plan and an online community supporting them every step of the way, these 15 people crushed their goals and learned a lot about themselves in the process.

Earlier this week, we had our brand ambassadors on site in West Palm Beach, Florida for our annual television commercial video shoot. While there was a ton of work to get done, it truly was a time to celebrate all they have accomplished during their weight loss journey. We took a team behind the scenes to hear firsthand how losing weight on The SlimFast Plan has changed their lives and what it has been like to become part of the SlimFast family. What we found, was an awesome reminder that what we do every single day is a privilege – as we play a part in people’s journey towards a better self. Weight loss is so much more than a number on a scale One of the reoccurring themes amongst our ambassadors was while the numbers were dropping on the scale, there was a new-found encouragement to shed unwanted doubt and fears. Raquel, who lost 31 lbs., had been going through a rough season in life. “I lost both of my parents a few years ago. Since then I have been doing everything for everyone else and neglecting myself. This time, I made the decision to lose the weight for me, no one else. Now I’m an inspiration to my daughter. She says I went from a lumpy potato to a sexy curly fry!” Rebecca, who lost 34 lbs., was ashamed to look at her own reflection and continuously talked herself out of losing the weight. “I finally told myself to step out of fear and step into faith. I have the grit to do this! Now, I am able to step in front of a mirror and be proud of what I see.”

Don’t Diet Alone. SlimFast Together Hector and Joy lost 43 lbs. together on The SlimFast Plan and they couldn’t have done it without support from the SlimFast Together community. “One of the most unexpected parts of this journey has been the huge amount of support from the SlimFast Together community. It’s full of people willing to encourage and lift you up along the way and give you tips and tricks to keep the momentum going.” Hector has been such an inspiration to his family around him that his mom has jumped on The SlimFast Plan! Amanda, who lost 30 lbs., was surprised to find out how many people around her were starting The SlimFast Plan because of her success. “I didn’t realize how many people I was inspiring around me until I noticed a bunch of my friends all drinking their SlimFast Shakes!”

Genuinely Happy Inspiration was everywhere. Ray Rainville, director of the video shoot, who has been creating content for over 25 years said, “This is one of the few opportunities where I get to see real, authentic, genuinely happy people. They are so excited and full of life. It’s a privilege to capture their stories.” Cindy, who lost 23 lbs., said, “Before I lost the weight I never wanted to try on clothes. Now I find myself tearing through my closet trying on every item just to find something that fits. One of my neighbors didn’t even recognize me when I walked right in front of them. It’s such an amazing feeling!”

Now it’s Your Turn Feeling inspired? We know we are. You can do it. It’s your time. Do this for yourself. There is a whole community of compassionate, authentic, and supportive people ready to come along side you and help you reach your goal. Our team, the brand ambassadors, and many others are just a click away. Visit SlimFast Together to get connected. Ready to get started? Sign up today to receive your FREE Quick-Start Guide, which includes tools, tips, and a 7-day meal planner to help you meet you weight loss goals.