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5 Ways to Stay on Track When Getting Back to the Fall Routine

Fall is the time for turning over a new leaf – but with her busy schedule & back-to-school responsibilities, staying on track was a challenge for Elissa. She’s sharing her story about how SlimFast helped her transition out of her summer routine & maintain her goals with a list of 5 tips to stay on track. Remember: it isn’t just a time change, it’s a season of change.

The life of a parent can sometimes seem like a treacherous struggle to keep in balance, but it doesn’t have to be that way!  A little bit of planning goes a long way toward easing your stress and continuing to meet your goals.  As a full time working mom with a 16-year-old son, four adorable fur babies, and an amazing husband it can be difficult to attend to the needs of everyone and still find time for myself.

This is where the train can very easily go off the rails and leave you questioning what went wrong. That is exactly where I found myself one year ago and thanks to the Slimfast Plan, I have reclaimed my confidence!  I lost 36 pounds and 22.5 inches in just 28 weeks+ and have even continued to lose weight while on the Maintenance Plan!  With fall comes the added stress of back to school, tons of amazing holidays all focused on eating, and plenty of occasions to wear something stunning! Even with all of this running through my head, my first thought is, “Bring it on world!” I want this to be your first thought too.  That’s why I am so excited to share my 5 ways to stay on track during this Fall season.


Always be prepared for anything! I carry extra SlimFast shakes, meal replacement bars, and snacks on me at all times! My car is where I keep my back up snacks; yummy 100-calorie SlimFast Mesquite Barbecue chips. Never skipping a meal or snacks is one of the most effective ways to avoid making unhealthy decisions.


Plan your sensible meal in advance. Enjoy one sensible meal for the SlimFast Plan and two sensible meals for those on the SlimFast Maintenance Plan. I find the most success with simple, well-balanced meals that can be prepared quickly.  After a long day at work, a simple delicious meal that doesn’t take hours to prepare goes a very long way.

Chicken and vegetable stir fry on a white plate.

Try One of Elissa’s Favorites! Chicken with Quinoa & Veggies


Know yourself and be willing to admit your challenges.  If you know that your post-work exercise plans are wishful thinking, schedule that session before work.  You’ll get that added boost of energy to get your day started off right, plus a feeling of accomplishment by fulfilling a promise made to yourself.  I highly recommend trying different workouts and finding an activity you really enjoy.  I was hooked after my first yoga class and now I look forward to every workout.


Elissa and Hazely, SlimFast Brand Ambassadors, at Hot Yoga


Practice moderation and portion control and still enjoy the foods you love! With the SlimFast Plan, you never have to miss out!


Make your family or friends part of this healthy change.  A great workout can be taking a nightly walk with your family and furry friends.  You’ll burn some calories and have time to connect with those you cherish the most.  Time with the girls can be an awesome new workout class. It’s a great way to de-stress and spend time catching up.

These five tips combined with the SlimFast Plan have helped me to further embrace a healthy lifestyle and have made it a breeze to keep the weight off.

Balancing a successful career with family life forced Elissa to put herself in the backseat. Tired of missing out on social events and being unhappy with her own reflection in the mirror, she decided it was time to stop trying to hide the weight she gained and get back to focusing on herself.

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