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Maryann’s Take on Keto

Maryann, Registered Dietitian and SlimFast Plan Consultant, speaks about SlimFast Keto

As a dietitian, I am always asked “what is the best diet to try?” My answer is always “the best diet is the one that works best for you.” For many, this is the Ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic or “Keto” diet can be an effective lifestyle choice for weight loss and weight maintenance, as well as providing other health benefits. Let’s take a look at what the Keto diet is and what it isn’t.

What it is:

  1. A dietary approach that emphasizes lower carb intake, moderate protein, and high fat to the tune of approximately 5-10% calories from carbs, 15-25% calories from protein and 75-85% calories from fat (carbs, protein and fat are also known as macronutrients).
  2. Shown to be effective! In one 24 week-long study, 83 obese patients with a BMI over 35 kg/m2  followed a ketogenic diet and showed significant average weight loss, decreases in total cholesterol, increases in HDL, a decrease in triglycerides and a decrease in blood glucose (1). Another study lasting 24 weeks with 120 overweight (BMI greater than 25), hyperlipidemic volunteers found that participants experienced greater weight loss following a low carb ketogenic diet than those following a low fat diet. (mean weight loss of -12.9% versus -6.7%)
  3. May be a good choice for those who get the “hungry horrors!”: Weight loss on a Ketogenic diet has been shown to suppress the hunger hormone, Ghrelin (3), so this may be an effective approach for those who have a difficult time with hunger while trying to follow a weight loss plan.

What it isn’t:

  1. A magical, quick-fix cure for weight loss, (because none exist!): Like any effective weight loss plan, proper planning and preparation of meals and snacks is important for success and moderate exercise is recommended.
  2. An excuse to eat as much bacon, steaks, and butter as you want: While some may experience weight loss success just eating these items, green leafy and non-starchy vegetables and healthy monounsaturated fats like avocados are encouraged for variety and to provide essential vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  3. One size fits all: While most individuals can safely follow a Ketogenic lifestyle, you should always check with your doctor prior to starting the Ketogenic diet (or any diet or weight loss plan)! Depending on medical history, activity level, medications, and other factors, your doctor may suggest you adjust macronutrient percentages or other aspects of your Ketogenic lifestyle.

I firmly believe that following a Ketogenic lifestyle with the SlimFast Plan is a great way to try this weight loss method celebrated by so many. The Fat Bomb meal replacement bars and snacks are convenient for your on-the-go lifestyle and the rich, creamy meal shakes are a delicious way to fuel your day. In addition, the MCT oil is a Keto staple that every ketogenic- lifestyle follower should have in their kitchen. All the SlimFast Keto products have been meticulously formulated for superior taste, quality and nutrition, so you can be confident that you are using the best products for your ketogenic lifestyle!