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Celebrating World Chocolate Day with SlimFast

Registered Dietitian and SlimFast Plan Consultant, Maryann Walsh and our SlimFast Brand Ambassadors talk about their favorite Chocolate Meal Replacements, Snacks, and recipes from SlimFast and share how they fit into their day following the SlimFast Plan.


Maryann W. – SlimFast Hot Cocoa

I have a sweet tooth so something sweet every night is a must for me! Lately I have been enjoying one of my new favorite SlimFast Recipes for Hot Cocoa. Enjoy SlimFast shakes as a warm and toasty beverage! Heat up your favorite SlimFast ready to drink shake for a delicious, warm cup of SlimFast Hot Cocoa or Keto-Friendly Peppermint Hot Cocoa It’s one of my favorite ways to unwind as I get ready for bed!

ashley chocolate

Ashley F. – Advanced Nutrition Creamy Chocolate Ready to Drink Shakes

What I like the most about the Advanced Nutrition Creamy Chocolate Ready to Drink shakes is how versatile they are. I love them just by themselves, but I also love to use them to make smoothies, add to my coffee (yay for Proffee!), and occasionally I will even blend a few ounces with a frozen banana for an ice cream like snack at the end of the day. I like that there is no aftertaste and it tastes like rich creamy chocolate shake all by itself.

trinity cake

Trinity A. – Star Studded Chocolate Cake

The first time we made the Star Studded Chocolate Cake was June 3, 2018. I was just three months into the SlimFast Plan and skipped cake on my actual birthday. Being so new to a “diet” I did not want to mess up my progress. But my Husband found the recipe on the SlimFast website and surprised me a few days after my birthday. It was absolutely delicious! Super chocolaty, moist, and most importantly fit perfectly into my daily calories. My kids also enjoyed it. The second time we had it was on my actual birthday in 2020. With restaurants closed due to the pandemic I told my husband all I wanted was a backyard BBQ for the family and that yummy star-studded cake!

halle pb

Halle T. – SlimFast Peanut Butter Crunch Meal Bars

I avoided meal bars in the post because I didn't like the chewy taffy-like texture of most protein bars.   This girl needs crunch!  The peanut butter flavor is spot on.   You don't find that with many weight loss products.  I love my shakes and smoothies because there's so many options.  Shakes and smoothies work for me for lunch and dinner; but I like a more "solid food" choice to have with my coffee in the morning. The Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch bar is my go-to breakfast with a fresh cup of black coffee!  I eat this bar every day and never tire of it.

Michelle Shaker

Michelle L. – Chocolate Banana Cauliflower Smoothie

One day I decided to check the SlimFast website for new smoothie recipes.  I made the Chocolate Banana Cauliflower Smoothie for breakfast and was very pleased with the taste and the nutrition that it provides. 21g of protein and only 11g of sugar. Who knew frozen cauliflower could add extra icy goodness to your smoothie! I really loved the flavor and will be making it again for sure.

Liz Mocha

Liz K. – Advanced Energy Mocha Cappuccino Ready to Drink Shakes

It’s no secret that the Advanced Energy Mocha Cappuccino Ready to Drink Shakes are my favorite SlimFast product, but I would say that the quality and taste of all the products are great. The Mocha Cappuccino Shake tastes the most like what I would expect a high-end mocha from a coffee shop to taste like. I always start my day off with a Mocha Cappuccino Shake either by itself or added as creamer into a cup of coffee. It gives me to boost of energy I need to conquer my morning to keep me going. If I happen to have a light breakfast as my meal, I know the Mocha Cappuccino Advanced Energy Ready to Drink Shake will keep me cruising through the rest of my day as my lunch! I love that the Mocha Cappuccino RTDs are first off amazingly delicious, so convenient to grab and go, and always keep me on track instead of splurging at a coffee shop.

Joann R

Joann R. – Chocolate Mint Slushy

I first made the Chocolate Mint Slushy years ago when I started following the SlimFast Plan. I was really excited to try the different recipes the SlimFast site had to offer. I wanted to set myself up for success by mixing things up and trying different flavors to find what worked best for my taste! This one caught my eye because I love chocolate mint cookies and to me it has the taste of my favorite cookie and the added benefit of 10g of protein.