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What this Registered Dietitian Eats In a Day!

A common question I get as a Registered Dietitian is what I actually eat in a day! The new normal for many of us is that we are working from home most of the day, and this is my new normal as well. Here is what I eat in a day at home, but if you work in an office setting or on the road these items could easily be packed up in an insulated lunch box as well!


7am: Breakfast: I am and always will be a breakfast eater. I wake up looking forward to breakfast! Lately I have been into “Proffee” aka protein and coffee along with a slice of toast.

I take some pre-brewed coffee that I keep in the refrigerator with a SlimFast Advanced Ready to Drink shake and shake it up until it’s nice and frothy with some ice. I enjoy my “proffee” along with a slice of light toast* topped with 1 tsp of Irish butter. This whole breakfast has approximately 300 calories and 20g of protein thanks to the SlimFast shake. This is the perfect amount to hold me over until my morning snack!

Morning Snack

10am: Morning Snack: My morning snack lately has been a low carb/ low sugar Greek yogurt cup. There are so many to choose from at the supermarket and so many great flavors!


12pm: Lunch: Lunchtime is a low carb wrap with deli turkey, lettuce, tomato and red onion with 1 tbsp of real mayo. I love real mayo and I fit it into my calories for the day because it’s worth it to me!

Afternoon Snack

3pm: Afternoon Snack: My afternoon snack lately has been a bag of SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Cheddar Cheese Crisps. They are crunchy and savory and the combo of protein and fat helps keep me satisfied, so I won’t have the munchies when I start to cook dinner in a few hours.


6pm: Dinner: Dinner time! During the week, I like to keep dinners simple and nutritious. So, one of my go-to’s is Chicken Milanese. There’s all different ways to make this classic recipe, but I love this super-simplified version with some arugula and a few squeezes of lemon. It’s simple, flavorful and packed with protein!

Nighttime Snack

8pm: Nighttime Snack: I have a sweet tooth so something sweet every night is a must for me! Lately I have been enjoying one of my new favorite SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb flavors, the Iced Lemon Drop Snack Cup. It literally tastes like summertime - it is so lemony and delicious! I pair this sweet treat with a cup of lemon tea that I add 2 tbsp of vanilla creamer to, it’s one of my favorite ways to unwind as I get ready for bed!

Throughout the day I sip on ice cold water or sparkling water to make sure I am staying adequately hydrated, and that’s it! That is what a typical day looks like for this Registered Dietitian. The total calories for this day as shown is about 1,500 calories and is a great example of one day on the SlimFast Maintenance Plan.

Keep in mind everyone’s needs and preferences will look different, this is just an example of a day that works well for me!

*This type of bread will either say light on the package or will usually have anywhere between 40-70 calories per slice