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Power Through Plateaus

Being well-rounded with diet and exercise is the key to weight loss. As a busy ICU nurse, Danielle always knew the importance of hitting the gym for health; but meeting her weight loss goal was a struggle. That was until she heard some wise advice, “Weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise.” With the help of The SlimFast Plan and a focus on calories in, calories out – she learned to make diet and exercise a priority. The delicious and convenient SlimFast meal replacement options were the perfect fit for her on-the-go lifestyle.

My friends have been so inspired by my weight loss journey. Every day the big questions are, “How did you lose the weight?” And “Do you have to exercise?” My answer is just this simple- losing weight is a matter of exerting more calories than one puts in. Keep in mind that 3,500 calories equal 1lb. My SlimFast Plan consisted of replacing 2 meals a day with the shakes and enjoying 3 SlimFast snacks between meals. Exercise is important because it makes me feel good (endorphins, anyone?). It gives me a needed energy boost to help make it through the day. It’s important to understand that working out won’t contribute to weight loss unless you are also eating healthy. Before the SlimFast Plan, I didn’t have a strategic diet. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted. I was diligent about going to the gym and working out with friends, but my weight would always fluctuate; one week it was up, the next it was down. I couldn’t understand how I was active and went to the gym – but it just didn’t reflect on the scale.

Danielle taking a selfie in the gym after a workout.

It finally took some words of wisdom from a mentor, “Weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise.” When I heard this, it was like a light came on in my head. I was devoting so much time and energy to workouts, that I really didn’t develop a diet plan (other than not eating fast food so often). SlimFast came into my life at the right time. When I was first introduced to the SlimFast Plan, I immediately said, “I can do this!” I love the idea of convenient, grab-and-go meals, because my downfall was always skipping meals and then over indulging later in the day. Working in the emergency department as a registered nurse is very demanding. Sometimes work would be so busy, I would go the majority of the shift without eating; that’s almost 12 hours without a meal! Now, with SlimFast, it’s easy to sip on my meal replacement smoothie when I cannot have a dedicated 30-minute lunch. It’s so simple to have a meal replacement shake and go!

SlimFast ready to drink shake on a gym mat after a workout.

I created a system that worked for me. I would have my 500-calorie meal before work, and then bring my snacks and shakes to tide me over throughout the day and night. It was awesome!  Everybody around me noticed my weight loss within a few weeks. As the weight came off, I got the motivation to hit the gym with a purpose. I would work out about 3-4 times a week and have a solid diet plan. I do believe that focusing on eating the right food kept me motivated. Today, I can work out knowing that this is another adjunct to my diet plan. I have tons of energy, less stress, and have toned my body with consistent workouts. When it comes to weight loss plans, it’s all about being well-rounded.

Danielle's before and after photos.