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Why I Believe in SlimFast

Four decades of success stories are no coincidence. Registered Dietitian and SlimFast Plan Consultant, Maryann Walsh, explains why SlimFast isn’t a “fad” diet – but rather, the framework for healthier habits. Below in her blog post, her valuable insight affirms the Plan is a tried-and-true solution to dropping the pounds and keeping them off (for good). Read on to learn how you can reach your goals while enjoying all life has to offer.


As a Registered Dietitian, I believe in the SlimFast Plan because I know that the best nutrition or weight loss plan is the one that works best for you. SlimFast has been around for over 40 years for a reason and has helped millions of men and women lose weight and keep it off.*

SlimFast is not a “liquid diet” or a “fad diet”, it is the framework for a healthy lifestyle. The products are tools that provide convenient and balanced nutrition to complement the sensible meals and snacks that you choose based on the foods that you enjoy. You’re able to enjoy meals with your family, and you can go out to your favorite restaurants with friends while practicing portion control and balance –  key principals crucial to weight loss and long-term maintenance.


As someone who has studied nutrition academically and practiced clinically, one of the most impressive aspects of the SlimFast brand’s heritage to me is that they have 40 clinical research studies proving that the Plan really does work…this is rare for a product in the weight-loss industry and further validates why SlimFast has been a leader in this industry for four decades.

As a consultant for the brand, it has been wonderful to hear stories and meet people who have spent years trying other “diets” but for them the SlimFast Plan was the first one that really “stuck”. It has also been incredible to watch people’s health and confidence improve and the chain reaction this has on their relationships, family life, and even careers. I look forward to watching SlimFast continue to evolve as a brand and continue to help millions of people lose weight and keep it off!*