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Celebrating with Your Community

The holiday season has arrived, and it’s time to connect with your friends and family to celebrate and spread the holiday cheer. Whether it’s your online connections you haven’t seen in a while, or the virtual community that supports your weight loss goals and wellbeing, there is plenty to celebrate and be grateful for this year. SlimFast Brand Ambassador Danielle shares how she celebrates with her community!

Happy holidays! There is so much to celebrate and to be thankful for. This year I embarked on a new journey as I started my career as a Nurse Anesthetist. I look back and think about the sacrifices it took for me to be in this position. During school I couldn’t work, I studied long hours, I missed birthdays, celebrations, family gatherings, etc. The list could go on, but with perseverance, I was able to conquer my dreams of becoming an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner specializing in anesthesia. Thankfully my daughter and my boyfriend were very supportive.

Celebrate with your community Danielle 1

Having a support system was what I needed to help stay on track with my health. I am a firm believer that your health reflects your wealth. My boyfriend continued to be a motivation and fitness partner. He encouraged me to take time in my hectic schedule to exercise. We set monthly fitness goals and challenge each other. We started running together, going to the gym together and most importantly having our SlimFast meals and snacks together. It is great having a partner to share the experience with and inspire each other.

Celebrate with your community Danielle 2

Traveling and sharing my experience on social media, I get tons of feedback. The people I receive responses from are so intrigued by my weight loss and how I have managed to maintain success over the last 5 years on the SlimFast Plan. I have classmates from undergrad and high school who are amazed at my success and always look for pointers to get started. The most frequent question is, “What do you eat?”. I love sharing my go-to meals and food choices, whether snacks or my favorite SlimFast products. Social media has been a great outlet to stay connected and to follow my SlimFast journey.

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Social media is also a platform where I can get ideas and inspiration. The SlimFast Together community is a great place to connect with other people on The Plan. I love seeing other people succeed and that energy gives me the motivation to keep going. At this point for me, it’s a lifestyle. Having fitness incorporated into my lifestyle means being able to adapt to changes. Whenever I feel like I need to make changes I go to the SlimFast Together group to get ideas.

I love seeing how everyone is staying motivated during the holiday season. It's nice getting holiday recipes using alternative ingredients to stay on track. Even the idea of using low-carb keto bread to make french toast was a winner! It's great to have my favorite foods with less carbs and calories. My success every holiday since being on the SlimFast Plan is focusing on moderation and replacing sugar with a substitute sweetener. Using a substitute sweetener saves so much, reducing calorie load. Also, another tip I got from the group was using smaller plates, I find it’s the best for keeping my portions in moderation.

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As the new year approaches, I want to reach a new fitness level. My New Year resolution is to be stronger and run faster. As I reach new goals, I want to celebrate by visiting a different national park in each state. My boyfriend and I love to travel. He makes it easy to stay on track even while out of town. It’s great having our SlimFast snacks easily available and packed in our travel bags. Plus, the SlimFast Meal Replacement Bars are TSA-approved! SlimFast is easy to grab and go without any thought of food preparation. When I travel with my daughter our usual plan is to split meals, which is another cost-effective way to eat in moderation. I do love food, which is why I feel that you should have the things you love in moderation, fitting into your lifestyle. That is what’s great about being on the SlimFast Plan, you can enjoy all the foods you love!