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Frozen & Iced Coffee Drinks While Following SlimFast

There’s so much to love about coffee, from the delicious taste and aroma to the little extra pep in our step that it gives us as we ramp up our day! As the weather gets warmer, there is a plethora of delicious iced and frozen coffee beverages available, but beware! Not all coffee drinks are created equal and many contain lots of added sugar and calories that simply aren’t a part of our daily nutrition goals.

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Here are some tips when choosing an iced or frozen coffee beverage:

Tip 1: Reduce the Sugar

The simplest way to decrease the sugar in any drink is to order it unsweetened or sugar-free. The sugar-free flavors use non-nutritive sweeteners and have little-to-no calories but add a whole lot of flavor! You can also opt for stevia or monkfruit if it is available.

Tip 2: Choose your Milk Wisely

Consider asking for low-fat milk, skim milk, or any plant-based milk and skip the whipped cream to save calories and decrease the fat. Be careful though: many dairy substitutes or plant-based milks and creamers are sweetened, so be sure to ask for an unsweetened variety instead.

Tip 3: Do your Homework

Ordering coffee can be overwhelming due to all of the different types and sizes, so be sure to look up the nutrition facts on the menu before-hand. While reviewing the nutrition facts, take a look at the coffee drinks with the least amount of calories and sugar to make the best decision!

You Can Also Skip the Coffeehouse Drinks Altogether and Make your Own at Home!

Make yourself a delicious iced coffee drink with one cup of cold brewed coffee (you can brew a big pot of coffee and then keep it in the refrigerator) and one SlimFast Advanced Ready to Drink shake. Play around with the different flavors to find a combination you enjoy and utilize sugar-free syrups or extracts to create your own unique flavor combination!

You can also check out one of my favorite iced coffee hacks in this video using SlimFast Original French Vanilla or try this recipe for a delicious cinnamon mocha shake using SlimFast Advanced Powder.

And lastly, remember that you can always enjoy the nutritious and delicious convenience of a SlimFast Advanced Energy Ready to Drink shake in Caramel Latte, Mocha Cappuccino or Rich Chocolate flavors!

Cheers to warmer temps and to finding a cool and creamy coffee drink that you can enjoy while sticking with your health and wellness goals!