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Getting Game-Day Ready with SlimFast!

Are you ready for kick-off? With the Big Game right around the corner, we asked Brand Ambassador and Broncos super fan, Hazely L. to share some of her tips for celebrating and staying on track while following the SlimFast Plan. 

Getting Game-Day Ready 1

It’s no secret that the Big Game is very much anticipated every year in my household. Since my SlimFast journey, our selections of snacks, meals, and activities were different than how my family used to celebrate on game day. Now, thanks to SlimFast I know that I can enjoy this day with my family and still be able to stay on track with my weight management!

Before SlimFast, this day would usually start with skipping breakfast, having a big starchy lunch, and then jumping right into eating everything in front of me, pretty much the rest of the afternoon and night. Back then, what I used to prepare and put out was way too high in calories and not very filling at all.

Since starting SlimFast, so much has changed! Through my SlimFast journey, I learned that preparation and a strong start were key for me to be in control of all the snacks available to me. Now my Big Game kickoff is a SlimFast Advanced Nutrition shake, so I know that I am ready with a breakfast that keeps me feeling full and on track. I then start the afternoon meal and snacks preparation, which brings me to another thing that has changed through the years: Choosing to serve to my guests options that also help me stay on Plan. Veggie trays and charcuterie boards are just a few of the options. Pro Tip: Make them look visually fun and more appealing! I must add that the SlimFast Keto Real Cheddar Cheese Snack Crisps make great savory add-ons to my charcuterie boards!

Getting Game-Day Ready 2

Another one of my favorite recipes to make is a homemade buffalo chicken dip and serving it with cucumbers instead of potato chips. I will also add that preparing these snacks takes me time, which keeps me busy prepping everything, rather than just sitting on the couch doing nothing. In regards to actual food we serve for dinner I have my husband’s help for that! We now always choose to grill a type of protein and veggies, which makes for a nice sensible meal that helps me stay on track with SlimFast.

Now, I understand that having the party at your house gives you the control, but one question my friends always ask me is “How do you stay on track when you go to someone else’s party?” My answer to that is “easy!” Remember those charcuterie boards I mentioned above? Those have become my dish to bring and share, plus a huge topic to talk about as I wait to prepare it with the host of the house I go to. I bring the board, all the ingredients I want to include, and I make some magic happen as I build it and share with my friends how these boards help me stay on track. PLUS, you know you can always count on SlimFast to have a perfect meal bar or snack option for you! Pro Tip: Drink a meal replacement shake or eat a meal bar before heading out! That way you are feeling full when you arrive and won’t be as tempted.

Getting Game-Day Ready 3

In the end, I feel like there are so many fun ways to stay on track with our weight management goals and enjoy the Big Game celebration. Even if our team did not make it to the Big Game, at least I know that Team SlimFast is always there for me with a guaranteed touchdown towards my weight loss goals!