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Managing Stress & Your Wellbeing

While we may all be used to our daily routines, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t days (maybe even weeks) where we find ourselves feeling tremendous amounts of stress. Taking care of your emotional and mental and wellbeing can be just as important as your physical health. Taking some time for yourself each day can directly help combat anxiety, stress, and even emotional eating. Below are some ideas from Maryann Walsh, Registered Dietitian and SlimFast Plan Consultant, for how you can take care of yourself mentally and emotionally.


Stay Connected

You may get wrapped up in your day to day and let relationships become strained, but there are lots of ways to stay socially connected! Emails, phone calls, text messages, online video chats, and apps with our friends and family can add a joyful boost to our days. Carve out time every day in your schedule for social connection.



Putting aside 5 minutes to incorporate mindful practices into your daily life can help calm anxiety and leave you feeling calm rather than stressed. Practicing deep breaths, relaxation, and mindfulness can help us to slow down, sort through and calm the thoughts zooming through our brains.


Mute the News

With the twenty-four-hour news cycle we seem to live in, it can sometimes be hard to differentiate fact from opinion about how this current environment will impact us and our future. Make sure to check in with yourself throughout the day about your media consumption. Some may thrive on knowing every detail and update, others may find a few minutes daily with a trusted and credible news source makes the most sense for them.

Stay Active

Stay Active

Inactivity can not only affect our weight, but our overall mood as well. Fortunately, there are plenty of no-equipment, at-home activities and ways to be active that are attainable for any schedule. Try to set aside twenty to thirty minutes, at least three times a week, to help keep you on track. Getting in your exercise and physical activity can help combat boredom and fatigue, and also allow you to clear your mind and relax.

Get Some Sleep

Get Some Sleep

Adequate sleep has been shown to support immune function1 along with so many other health benefits. Maintaining a regular sleep/wake cycle can help keep your body in sync. To help, try setting an alarm an hour before you go to bed as a reminder to wind down and reduce the amount of stimulation your brain is getting. Turn down the lights, turn off the TV, put the phone away and allow your mind to relax. Try to limit your caffeine intake later in the day as well, and be mindful of your alcohol consumption, as this has been shown to affect your sleep quality2.


Set a Routine

If you find yourself now working from home or having down time that you didn’t before, you may find yourself feeling a bit directionless, as if the day goes on and on spilling into the next. Establishing a routine can help make the time pass and feel a bit more normal.


Speak to a Professional

Sometimes the stress and anxiety that we experience can be a lot more than we can handle on our own. There is no shame in that. It is always better to speak to someone about your concerns and how you are feeling rather than keeping them bottled up. Keep communication open with those in your support circle who will listen to and understand you, including your doctor, or a therapist who may be able to offer you a solution or the extra support you need.

Remember that SlimFast is here for you no matter where you are on your journey, and we will continue to serve and support you! Stress can take a toll on our motivation to stay on track with our nutrition and exercise goals. Our Brand Ambassadors and SlimFast Together Group Moderators are always just a comment away. In our groups you can find support, tips and advice, as well as interactive content and engaging members from different walks of life all on the same journey.




A consultant of The SlimFast Plan, Maryann is a Registered Dietitian with Bachelor of Science degrees in Biological Sciences and Dietetics and a Master of Food and Nutrition. She has extensive experience working with clients of all ages and from all walks of life, helping them to achieve their wellness and weight-loss goals. Learn more about Maryann.