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Summer Kick-Off BBQ Tips & Tricks

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Summer is just around the corner and now that we finally have warm temperatures it’s time to fire up those grills! It’s no surprise that people LOVE barbequing. It’s fast, easy, and DELICIOUS! Most people tend to think of the traditionally grilled foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and ribs, but there are so many other options to grill (some that you may have never thought of!). So, in the spirit of the season, here are some healthy grilling tips to enjoy the summer kickoffs without derailing your progress!

Start With a Lean Protein

Ditch the excess calories by grilling lean meats or meat-alternatives such as 99% fat-free turkey burgers or lean beef burgers, skinless chicken breast, veggie burgers, veggie hot dogs, fresh fish, or seafood. Get creative with marinades to switch up the flavors (your local grocery store most likely carries a large assortment of ready-to-use options)! Serve your lean meat on a whole wheat bun, pita, or bed of lettuce for less carbohydrates and calories!


Add Your Fruits & Veggies

Incorporating fiber-rich fruits and vegetables into your BBQ will add extra nutrition to your meal and will help keep you fuller for longer. You can prepare a fruit salad for dessert, or make kabobs for a fun and flavorful way to add in more fruits and veggies. The smoke and heat from the grill will intensify the flavors and will give them a caramelized finish, yum!

Fruits & Veggies

Be Mindful of Dressings & Condiments

Opt for vinaigrettes, spices, lemon juice, olive oil, and low-calorie dressings instead of creamy dressings in your salads. This little change can save calories without sacrificing flavor. In terms of condiments, some popular choices at a BBQ that are often high in sugar are ketchup and BBQ sauce. To reduce your sugar intake and add extra nutrition to your meal, you can opt for hummus, guacamole, salsa, mustard or tzatziki.


The most important tip of all is to enjoy your BBQ and make memories! Be mindful about what you’re eating and remember that one indulgent meal once in a while isn’t going to derail your progress completely...It's about what we do consistently that matters!