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Celebrating Non-Scale Victories

Sometimes, you just need to step off the scale. It’s good to have weight loss goals but being obsessed with a number will only deter diet results. Instead, stick to The SlimFast Plan & celebrate Non-Scale Victories. These small-but-mighty signs of progress have nothing to do with one’s weight – but are true signs of success. If you’re taking measurements, you may realize you’re losing inches (and not always pounds). But look a little closer – are those old “skinny” jeans fitting? Are you feeling a little more svelte? Or perhaps, you’ve reached food freedom – a majestic point where you no longer have trouble saying “no” to the foods that didn’t love you back.

The journey towards weight loss takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Sometimes things may not go the way you want right away, or it’ll take time to see results. When most people think of weight loss, they think of a scale & a number emblazoned across it. Many people ponder “why is my weight stuck?” or “why am I not losing weight?” The movement of numbers isn’t the only measure of success. Weight loss isn’t immediate. Counting on those numbers to change instantly can discourage a lot of people from achieving their goals in the long run. Try celebrating the small wins & non-scale victories; it’s a vital component of weight loss success.

Non-scale victories (NSV) are reasons to celebrate along your journey that have nothing to do with that number. Weight loss can affect so much more than just your weight; it can transform your outlook on life, boost confidence, and break you out of your comfort zone. It’s important to recognize & embrace these wonderful changes. It’ll be the catalyst that keeps you moving toward your goal!

NSVs can come in many forms:

1. Measurements:
Your weight may stay the same, but you may find that your measurements have changed. Gaining muscle mass is a great way to lose weight; it may seem contradictory, but it’s true! You may notice that you’re dropping inches before losing pounds. Try keeping track of your waist, leg, and hip measurements as a small reminder of your progress. That is a serious NSV to celebrate.

2. Clothes:
Whether you see a scale difference or not, you may find that clothes you once weren’t able to squeeze into, suddenly fit better now. If that dream dress that was once snug, seems a little looser, it’s yet another sign that you’re working your way towards achieving weight loss goals. Dropping clothing sizes or being able to fit into your “skinny” jeans is something to celebrate. Once you hit your first milestone, treat yourself to something new. You deserve it.

3. Exercise:
Being able to do simple things that once caused stress should be considered a big NSV. Running at a faster pace, being able to continuously do weight circuits, make it through an entire workout class without taking a rest, or simply having the energy to keep up with your children – are all things that prove you’re becoming a stronger and healthier person through mindful lifestyle changes.

4. Saying no:
Sometimes, the biggest victory of all is being able to say no to the unhealthy foods you once feasted on. Are there donuts in the break room at work? Is there a pizza party and cake on a Friday night? Feeling less tempted by the foods that once sidetracked you from seeing your end goal – that’s a real victory. SlimFast takes the guesswork out of mealtime – so you only have to come up with one of your favorite meals each day. Protein-packed meal replacement smoothies & snacks keep you satisfied the rest of the day. Meal prep – such as chopping veggies & lean protein ahead of time – will make it easier to stay on track. If you’ve chosen to stay on track with your weight loss plan regardless of the outside temptations, that is food freedom.

There are plenty of reasons why your weight may be staying the same; focusing on the non-scale victories in your life will give you the confidence you need to keep moving forward. Remember: a good reward system is worth its weight in gold. Victories are not only won on the scale, so sometimes you just have to step off.