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2019 SlimFast Wrap Up

Wow … what a year it’s been … so many exciting firsts for SlimFast! Just as exciting was the continuation of things we’ve done before that grow nearer and dearer to our hearts with each passing year.


We started the year on a high note! After only a few months on shelf, SlimFast Keto was already considered the #1 Keto line and we’ve managed to maintain that ranking the entire year. We are humbled by our consumers’ love for the SlimFast Keto line and we are thrilled that you love it as much as we hoped you would! It feels like SlimFast Keto was everywhere in 2019 … the weekly magazines, your local morning news shows, celebrity social media posts and the GMA3 show with Strahan, Sara and Keke!

New Ways to Keto SlimFast Keto Products
New ways to Keto - fat bombs, bars, and ready to drink shakes on a slider image.

We are so proud to have nearly doubled the SlimFast Together group and tripled the SlimFast Keto group membership this year – all while maintaining the warm, friendly, supportive, judgement-free tone in both groups. Keeping that spirit strong is of the utmost importance to us and we have our moderators to thank for it.

B A-group-SlimFast-Together

SlimFast also had the privilege of joining one of our beloved Brand Ambassadors on her journey to the perfect Keto wedding. When we met Amanda Cuomo (then Havard) back in 2017, we were so touched by her story and could see what a beautiful heart she had. Two years later, her transformation into a strong, confident, independent woman is complete and the shy, uncertain girl we met is gone forever. We are proud to have been a part of that transformation and delighted that she has found a true partner in her new husband. What a joyful occasion their wedding was and we are honored to have been a part of it.

Yes I Do banner with Amanda wearing a wedding dress.
Yes I Do banner with Amanda wearing a wedding dress.

In July of this year, we had our first SlimFast Together retreat and it was better than we could have ever dreamed! Our SlimFast brand ambassadors joined us at PGA National Resort in sunny Florida, to welcome some of our group members for a fun-filled weekend. From group exercise activities, to scavenger hunts, and a formal banquet, not a moment went by that we weren’t grateful to spend such quality time getting to know our consumers. We cannot wait to do this again in 2020, only bigger and better!


In October, we brought in our first official SlimFast Together transformations for a professional advertising shoot! Selected SlimFast Together group members came to Florida to enjoy the celebrity treatment for a TV, Photography and Video shoot to celebrate their success. We had a blast getting to know our new friends and are having the best time producing the advertisements that are being created out of this shoot. This program is now being formalized and we are super excited to select more group members for our next shoot coming very soon. We love to celebrate the success of our consumers!

Real people real stories SlimFast banner

At the end of 2019, we released the first ever SlimFast mobile app. We started with Keto, but there is so much more to come in 2020! And who better to test our app than our most loyal consumers from our SlimFast Keto Together group? Early feedback from our most loyal consumers tells us this is going to be a huge hit. Phase 2 is going to be epic!!!


In November we brought you even more SlimFast to the stores! The family of Keto products grew from 8 to 21 and SlimFast Diabetic Weight Loss is really taking flight now, growing from 2 products to 7. Let’s not forget the New Advanced Nutrition Bananas and Cream shake…it’s irresistibly delicious, while packing 20g of protein and 4 hour hunger control into that low-sugar formula. They’re all so delicious it can be hard to choose!


Our favorite part of what we do is joining our consumers on their weight loss journey. Their success takes many forms. It could be pounds lost, or inches lost, an old pair of jeans fitting again or finishing their first day on The Plan – but what we love to see more than anything is what happens inside. The doubt and uncertainty start to melt away and inner strength starts to build until you’ve become a version of yourself you never even knew existed. We see it happen over and over again and there’s nothing better for us. Thank you for sharing your successes with us. Thank you for sharing your year with us.

Happy New Year. Here's to reaching our goals in 2020 together.