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SlimFast Tools for Success

Looking to jumpstart your success on the SlimFast Plan? Look no further, SlimFast Brand Ambassador Tina M. shares tips for those getting started including what SlimFast tools led to her weight loss success!

I lost 28 pounds in 29 weeks and I’m keeping the weight off! Planning ahead and creating an eating schedule were key to my success & the tools that SlimFast provides made doing that so much easier! SlimFast provides so many amazing tools to help you be successful in your weight loss and weight management journeys.


The Products
When I first started my weight loss journey with SlimFast, I used the Advanced Nutrition Ready-to-Drink Shakes. I first started with the creamy chocolate shakes, but soon learned I could do so much more with the Advanced Nutrition Smoothie Mixes! They are so delicious and versatile when you want to add a little extra to your morning smoothie. I enjoy products from all of the SlimFast ranges like Advanced Energy and Keto.  SlimFast has so many choices and options to keep satisfied no matter what your health goals are.

SlimFast Tools for Success 1
The SlimFast website has tons of recipes that helped me ensure variety with my meal and snack choices and keep things exciting! They have everything from smoothie recipes to lunch options and quick snack ideas that are great to pack for work.

SlimFast Together Communities
I joined the SlimFast Together group three days after I started the 1-2-3 Plan. This free support group was a game changer for me. I received daily encouragement, learned new ideas and recipes and even felt compelled to encourage others in the group. The Brand Ambassadors (this includes me now!) in the community are always there to answer any questions and share their stories (not to mention all the fun challenges they run)! When you are struggling, be sure to come to the SlimFast Together or SlimFast Keto Together group for help and encouragement.

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SlimFast Together App
Something else in the amazing support tool box is the SlimFast Together App. How great is it to be able to go to one place to track your progress, log your food, get recipes and so much more!? I found that planning ahead and logging my food really helped me stay on track. Not to mention, you can also track your water intake, stress levels, sleep quality, and learn all about the different ways of eating on the SlimFast Plan.

Another great part of the app is that you can put together a shopping list with your products & ingredients that you’ll need for the week and send it straight to your preferred grocer for pick-up or to use it as your list when you shop. SlimFast is always making it more convenient to stay on track.
The newest addition to the SlimFast tools is that you can now shop directly from SlimFast online at! How wonderful to get all of your products from one place AND have them delivered straight to your door. Not to mention they always have amazing offers, which you can learn about by subscribing to their newsletter!

I have had a great experience with not only product availability, but receiving my order quickly which has made me very happy. Not only can you find all of the products that SlimFast has to offer, you can find fun EXCLUSIVE bundles and goodies like lunch tote bags and shaker cups.

SlimFast Tools for Success 2

My suggestion to new users is to try out all that SlimFast has to offer! You don’t know what you will like if you don’t try it. I thought I was a chocolate lover but quickly fell in love with the vanilla shakes once I tried them! The products are delicious, the support groups are amazing and inspirational, the SlimFast Together App is a game changer, and Shop SlimFast makes it so convenient to stay on Plan. All of these tools have helped me lose the weight and keep it off.


Wishing you the very best in your weight loss journey!