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Thankful for Things That Inspire Me

No matter what goals you have in front of you or what await you on that journey there is one thing for certain … being thankful and finding inspiration can push you to achieve amazing things. This holiday season, SlimFast Ambassador Terrie B. shares what and who she is thankful for and how they inspired her along her weight loss and weight maintenance journeys!

Everyone has a unique set of things that bring inspiration to them.  Often those things are a part of our everyday life.  It is up to each of us to take the time to appreciate those things and to utilize them as motivation to conquer some of our biggest dreams. When I take the time to sit and ponder what has inspired me along my journey I realize I have so much to be thankful for!


I am thankful for and inspired by my FAMILY!
My family was the driving force behind my weight loss journey from the start. They are the most important thing to me and I am incredibly thankful for their encouragement every step of the way.  Even my friends (who are like family) have decided to make changes in their diet to better their health as well.  I am so grateful that both my friends and family wanted to change their habits, and live a healthier lifestyle right along with me.  Their support is something I appreciate each and every day.


I am thankful for and inspired by my HEALTH!
If I look back at where I started, I am nothing short of amazed at where I am now!  To know that I have gone from taking several medications and injections daily, to controlling my health with my diet alone – it makes me realize just how far I have come!  I now have a body capable of having a healthy pregnancy after multiple miscarriages. I now have the energy to keep up with both my teenage daughter and my toddler. I now have the ability to exercise. I now have the stamina to conquer each day, which is an absolute blessing!


I am thankful for and inspired by SUNSHINE AND FRESH AIR!
I don’t know about you but getting outside does such wonderful things for my soul and my mental state.  Walking is my favorite thing to do outside but it doesn’t matter if you’re walking, gardening, playing with your children, playing with your dog, or meditating. Getting outside can be so refreshing!  It helps keep me grounded and reminds me to find peace within, and completely recharges my spirits.


I am thankful for and inspired by KNOWLEDGE!
I tend to be a bit of a study “geek” when it comes to learning about health and nutrition.  Starting on this new healthy journey had me eager to learn as much as I could about this lifestyle.  Once I started reading, listening, and watching everything I could on the subject I realized there was so much I didn’t know!  Learning about my body, how and why it works the way it does, and knowing that I can help it function better with something as simple as drinking more water has kept me motivated along the way.


I am thankful for and inspired by CHALLENGES!
Yes, you read that right!  Challenges, in the moment, can feel very heavy and overwhelming but I have found that they are also necessary and something that helps inspire.  They are there to help us reach the next level in exercise.  To push our bodies and our abilities to new heights.  They are there to remind us of the importance of nutrition and to encourage us to remember how amazing we feel when we make healthy choices.  They’re there to motivate us to find new, fun alternatives to our old, less healthy favorite foods so we won’t ever feel deprived.  They provoke our minds to stay calm and rest when necessary and to reach for greatness where we have doubted ourselves in the past.  Challenges are reminders that we can be overcomers!


I am thankful for and inspired by SLIMFAST!
Without a doubt, SlimFast has been life-changing with their amazing plans that have taken the guesswork out of losing weight and keeping it off! Not only are the plans clinically proven to work but they are as easy as 1-2-3: (1) enjoy one sensible meal, (2) replace two meals a day, (3) indulge in three snacks. They are so much more than just a weight loss plan. They offer a free tracking app which has been a huge factor in keeping me on course.

But the best part is that SlimFast offers the absolutely AMAZING SlimFast Together and SlimFast Keto Together groups that are full of the most dedicated and inspiring members.  It’s a place to go where you can get everything from encouragement to recipes. The members are the best cheerleaders ever and just being in the groups watching, listening, and engaging is enough to remind me what it means to have a community of like-minded people on a similar journey. It reminds me that we are not alone in our weight loss and health endeavors.

What could be more inspiring than that?!?

So, when you find you are struggling to remember why you started or if you’re floundering with getting back on track, try not to be discouraged. Instead, I want to challenge you to take some time for reflection. Make a list of all the things that inspire you and hang it where you can see it daily.  Put it on your bathroom mirror, put a sticky note in your car, leave a list in your purse or gym bag, whatever you need to do to encourage you to reflect and embrace the journey.  Remind yourself of how far you’ve come already and stay thankful, always.