Lost 35 lbs. and 15″ in 26 weeks

Slimfast has truly changed my life. For as long as I can remember I’ve been dieting, exercising, or both, but never consistently. I’m a busy professional, working and traveling 5 days a week- so finding a plan that actually fit into my life-is life changing! I’ve lost 35 pounds and 20 inches.

How did it fit in my day? A shake for breakfast, mid-morning snack, a shake for lunch (always carry a lunchbox when traveling), mid- afternoon snack, a sensible dinner and a snack after dinner. The shakes are delicious!! I actually look forward to my shakes, and they are SO convenient! Within the first week I was down 3 pounds, within a month I was down 11. I had tried to lose 10 pounds for years- but nothing worked- at least nothing worked for my schedule. Eating healthy and exercising while on the road is hard- but it’s not impossible! Eating smaller meals packed with protein every few hours kept me satisfied all day.

Being overweight was an obstacle for me- physically and mentally. I didn’t even realize how overweight I had become- or how it was affecting my confidence. I constantly admired people in shape and remember thinking how I could be more like them? I can honestly say- I am there now. I have had so many people ask if I am naturally fit- or small- the answer- HECK NO! I worked hard for this body, and couldn’t have done it without SlimFast. If that wasn’t motivation enough, I am standing in 3 weddings this year-3! Talk about incentive to lose a few pounds!

Thanks to SlimFast, I am more confident now than ever before. I never enjoyed being in a bathing suit- and living in Florida that’s tough. I always came up with an excuse to skip a pool party. Now you can’t pry me away from fun in the sun! I can paddleboard 6 miles and not be exhausted. I can bike 28 miles and survive it. SlimFast has given me the physical and mental push to do what I didn’t think I could. I am thankful every day that I made this choice! Did I think I was pretty before? Absolutely. Was I comfortable? No. How do I feel now? AMAZING. If you are anything like me, a young, busy professional who needs a plan to stick to for life- SlimFast is it. Life happens and we make excuses, but getting back on track and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can happen too. If you are considering the SlimFast plan, stop considering it and DO IT. If I can do it- you can too!!


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