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A New Relationship With Food

I’d always found comfort in food. I equated happiness and security, even love, with feeling full. I decided to finally lose weight the right way. The SlimFast diet made me feel confident and in control. I found a new love interest and for the first time in my life, I was able to end it myself. That’s when it happened. I looked at that girl in the mirror who found comfort, satisfaction, and love through food. She was losing weight, and it showed! I took control of my life with the SlimFast diet and I’m never turning back.

The girl I was found comfort in food. She equated happiness with a full stomach. She ate to fill her heart, as if each meal made her feel more satisfied in her relationships. The void she felt romantically was easily replaced with excess eating, as if every bite made her feel more secure. I look back on that girl today and I want to thank her for her strength. I want to celebrate that girl who found comfort in food for starting the SlimFast diet and never turning back.


Before I noticed any significant difference in my weight, I started to feel my mood increase. I suddenly had more energy, even at the end of a long day. As I reached small goals each day, my confidence really jumped five paces in front of me. I knew I could continue the SlimFast diet successfully because I amazed myself yesterday and I was going to achieve today.


That’s when it happened. I looked at that girl in the mirror who found comfort, satisfaction, and love through food. She was losing weight, and it showed! The SlimFast diet changed the way that I show love to myself. I deserve to have joy and an unwavering self esteem. I learned that while I can still enjoy food, food is not what makes me happy.



I was so proud of my weight loss, my newfound confidence and my happiness. I actually began dating a sweet and passionate man who was drawn to these growing qualities. Before this, I didn’t think I would find a man who was genuinely interested in me. I found myself surprised because this was a roller coaster for me. Losing weight was definitely challenging and then having a new relationship added excitement and even more motivation.


A few months into our relationship, I sadly ended the relationship. For my own reasons, I felt that it wasn’t working out. Wow! I’d never taken that step myself before! After sticking to the SlimFast diet, I’d proven to myself that I have the strength to make hard decisions alone. I have the power to overcome any challenge that comes my way. My craving for food had been similar to my craving for a relationship. Not anymore.


After I ended the relationship, I was left with that vacant, empty feeling in my heart. I was tempted to fill that void with food and I struggled with the temptation to go back to what I used to do to cope. I fought back that temptation with SlimFast. SlimFast taught me that the past didn’t work for me and going back is not an option. I know where I came from and I’m strong enough to stick to my diet and continue to transform my body into a slimmer, healthier woman. I dropped the pounds I gained during my week of struggle after my relationship ended. SlimFast was my answer and I continue to depend on SlimFast to transform the way I think and the way I eat. I found strength in myself because I proved that I can do the SlimFast diet and I can lose weight.


It’s never going to be easy. Weight loss is a journey. I’ve learned to appreciate every day that I successfully stick to my diet and I’ve learned to find happiness in my small wins. The girl who I was isn’t gone. She’s still there, smiling and happy, with a newfound confidence in herself. Today, I celebrate her. The SlimFast diet taught me a better way to eat and to live and though my journey isn’t over, the struggle is what makes me stronger day by day.