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Before starting his weight loss journey with SlimFast Keto, Steven’s weight was starting to take a toll on his confidence and family life. With SlimFast he lost 30 lbs. and 7 inches in 30 weeks and shares his success below.

Hi, my name is Steve Witt and I lost 30 pounds on the SlimFast Keto Plan! I’m a 31-year-old Over-the-Road Professional Driver who had let himself go over  4 years; ballooning up to a whopping 203 pounds by December 2018. So, I decided that after the holidays I would start a lifestyle change. Enough was enough, I knew I needed to lose the weight and get healthy for myself, my young daughter Kimberley, my girlfriend, and my family. I had done regular SlimFast before about 8 years prior and had lost about 10 lbs or so at that time; so, I was kind of familiar with the program, but I didn’t know about Keto.


I jumped on the website and read the SlimFast Keto Quick Start Guide. I started my weight loss journey on Monday, January 28th, 2019 and over the next 30 weeks, I averaged about 1-2 pounds a week of fat loss. It’s been a very fun and eye-opening learning experience from the start. To run your body off FAT instead of carbohydrate-rich food is mind-blowing. The ketogenic diet takes the normal American processed food diet and flips it on its head.


“To run your body off FAT instead of carbohydrate-rich food is mind-blowing.”


The most difficult obstacle for me is the fact that I’m an Over-the-Road Truck Driver, away from the house 4-5 nights a week. I needed a diet plan that would be easy to follow and work for my situation. On the road, unless you pack your food, it’s very difficult to eat healthy because unless you make the conscious decision to eat healthy foods and follow a written plan there’s not a lot of healthy options.


Through learning what I can and can’t eat along with using the SlimFast Keto products in my diet, I was able to completely change my eating habits. I’m a quarter Sicilian, so I love my Italian foods! Good thing I didn’t have to give them up; only change the ingredients to the healthy counterparts. I didn’t have a lot of detractors along the way; however, I sabotaged myself a few times and quickly got myself back on The Plan because I know how important my life is. Of my fellow Professional Drivers (men and women alike), over 50% are obese; I refuse to be a statistic!


“I refuse to be a statistic!”


I’ve noticed a massive change in my overall energy levels and sleep quality since losing the weight as well as inflammation going down drastically. If I could tell anyone wanting to start any words of encouragement, it would be that you can do this; not only for yourself but for whatever your WHY is! You are important and have a purpose. There is so much life to live and experience. I know that my lifestyle change with my eating habits has given me my life back for myself, my beautiful daughter Kimberley, my girlfriend, and my family. Thank you, SlimFast Keto!

† Steven W. followed the SlimFast Plan (a reduced-calorie diet, regular exercise, and plenty of fluids) for 30 weeks. He was not remunerated to lose weight; only for his testimonial. Average weight loss 1-2 lbs per week. Results not typical. Read label prior to use. Check with your doctor if nursing, pregnant, under 18, or following a doctor prescribed diet.

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