Bill C. Lost 42 lbs. and 18″ in 39 weeks After becoming a stay-at-home dad, Bill lacked the energy to keep up with his three daughters. He wanted to get back into shape and take control of his weight. With the SlimFast Plan, he lost 42 lbs and has been keeping it off. Now his girls have a hard time keeping up with him! When I graduated high school, I was an elite athlete and weighed 150 lbs. In college, I very quickly got up to 195 lbs [...]


Cartiss Lost 35 lbs. and 18″ in 26 weeks Cartiss, a 32 year old working mother of two, wanted to lose her baby weight fast. Not only did she surpass her weight loss goal of 30 pounds, but she gained lifelong confidence. Being on the SlimFast plan has truly changed my life. It has changed the way I look at things and has given me the confidence to go after anything that I have doubted doing in the past. I didn't think that something so simple would have [...]


Lisa Lost 34 lbs. and 14″ in 21 weeks At age 40, Lisa decided “not me” anymore when it came to thinking she was powerless to lose weight. After losing three pounds in the first week on her SlimFast Plan, she was inspired to keep going, lost 34 pounds, had more energy and fit better in her tightest jeans! Before SlimFast, I looked at other people in my life who were wearing smaller sizes, and participating in athletic activities, and I would think, “Not me". That thought process [...]

Deborah – Success Story

Deborah Lost 63 lbs. and 36″ in 26 weeks After seeing pictures of herself at 191 lbs., Deborah decided she had to make a change and lose weight. It wasn't until SlimFast that she was able to lose 63 lbs!  I started the SlimFast Plan in December 2015. It's really tough for most people to stick to a diet around the holidays, never mind just starting one like I did. But with the SlimFast products it was very easy to follow and everything tasted delicious. At 5'5", I [...]


Angelo Lost 31 lbs. and 18″ in 21 weeks With his long work days as an IT Manager in New York, Angelo struggled to find a plan that worked for him. He wanted to lose weight to keep up with his son and spend more time with him. Once Angelo discovered the SlimFast Plan he lost 31 lbs. and 18" in 21 weeks!  The SlimFast plan was so easy to follow, I almost forgot I was dieting at all! The shakes and snacks are delicious and kept me full [...]


Kendra Lost 26 lbs. and 13″ in 26 weeks Kendra was busy trying to get ahead in her career, and fell victim to stress eating. SlimFast made it possible for Kendra to put herself first again! Kendra lost 26 lbs and 13 inches on the SlimFast Plan! I lost 26 pounds on the SlimFast Advance Challenge. Not only did I lose the pounds, I gained so much more! Not only do I feel like my ‘old’ self again, I feel healthier, and lighter, not carrying around all that extra weight. [...]


Kalyea Lost 51 lbs. and 27″ in 39 weeks Kalyea's weight loss goal was simple. She wanted to lose weight for her son. But she had a hard time finding the balance as a single mom always on-the-go. When she discovered The SlimFast Plan fit into her busy life, it was easy for her to stick to a plan that worked. Kalyea lost 51 lbs. and 27" on The SlimFast Plan! I’m so grateful for SlimFast because it completely changed my life and perspective on health and wellness. I thought [...]


Amy Lost 31 lbs. and 18″ in 26 weeks Amy is a 48 year old single mother of three with not much time for herself. But when she discovered The SlimFast Plan, she found the motivation to get started with her weight loss goals. After sticking to The Plan, Amy lost 31 pounds, 18" and has a newfound confidence! It is funny how we look at losing weight. I had put on an excess of thirty pounds and was beating myself up about losing weight. Not only had [...]


Joann Lost 40 lbs. and 20" in 26 weeks As a new wife and busy nanny, Joann wanted to change her unhealthy habits and start living a healthy lifestyle before she had children of her own. After discovering SlimFast and sticking to The Plan, she lost 40 lbs!  I have never considered myself healthy. My whole life I came up with excuse after excuse and I have always felt insecure about my body. After getting married last year, I decided enough was enough! I [...]


Hazely Lost 30 lbs. and 16″ in 26 weeks As a business owner and stay-at-home mom that homeschools her two boys, Hazely struggled to find balance between her busy schedule and taking care of herself. Hazely then discovered the SlimFast Plan. Where to start? SlimFast has completely changed my life. A few months ago I decided to begin a journey that I never thought could impact my life so much. When I started SlimFast, I knew it would be a great opportunity to get my old body back. [...]