Cartiss Lost 35 lbs. and 18″ in 26 weeks Cartiss, a 32 year old working mother of two, had a goal to lose her baby weight. Not only did she surpass her goal and lose 35 pounds, but she gained lifelong confidence. Being [...]



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Amy Lost 31 lbs. and 18″ in 26 weeks Amy is a 48 year old single mother of three with not much time for herself. But when she discovered The SlimFast Plan, she found the motivation to get started with her weight loss [...]



Joann Lost 40 lbs. and 20" in 26 weeks As a new wife and busy nanny, Joann wanted to change her unhealthy habits and start living a healthy lifestyle before she had children of her own. After discovering SlimFast and sticking to The [...]



Hazely Lost 30 lbs. and 16″ in 26 weeks As a business owner and stay-at-home mom that homeschools her two boys, Hazely struggled to find balance between her busy schedule and taking care of herself. Hazely then discovered the SlimFast Plan. Where to [...]



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