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Lost 25 lbs. and 14″ in 26 weeks

As an ER nurse working night shifts, Danielle found it difficult to find a diet plan that fit her schedule. Then, she discovered the convenience of the SlimFast Plan! Now, as she continues her education, SlimFast continues to be the key to her weight management success.

As a full-time graduate student in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program in Nurse Anesthesia, my schedule can get congested with various obligations. SlimFast saves the day on convenience. Studying long hours as I do, having the SlimFast snacks and shakes on hand saves time and money. It is imperative with a busy schedule that I have SlimFast handy. My peers and classmates are inspired by my motivation to stay healthy, which really resonates with me.

I have made a lifelong commitment to make healthy eating and exercise a lifestyle, but at the same time, I have days that I feel discouraged. Rewarding myself on Sundays, since it is my only guaranteed day off, has helped me to make drastic mental improvements. I spend quality time with my family and enjoy my favorite dessert or enjoy a fun activity, like bike riding, which helps revive me from my exhausting week and jump-start my new week.

Success Story Danielle S

I never look at anything as a failure as long as we learn from our mistakes and change our action plan to do better. For example, I failed two exams early in my Anesthesia program. The only thing that changed besides my educational focus was the time allotted for physical activity. Failing those tests helped me to realize that no matter how hectic life can be self-care is the best care. I realized that maybe going to the gym took up too much time, but running outdoors was free and convenient. Also, my physical activity is part of my self-care because I use that time to decompress to be my best. Once I realized the importance of self-care, I was able to include it in many aspects of my life. I have maintained a 3.91 GPA and continued to maintain my weight loss on the SlimFast Plan.


“Once I realized the importance of self-care, I was able to include it in many aspects of my life.”


Having my friends and family on board by participating in my physical activities or enjoying the same healthier food options is a fantastic feeling. It continues to encourage me to push harder and find other creative ways to live healthier. My daughter also enjoys indulging in the delicious meals I prepare for my sensible meal. Seeing her blossom into an adolescent and make wise eating decisions is just another reflection of how my behavior can make a positive influence with my daughter, which makes me a proud parent.

Success Story Danielle S

As my success on the SlimFast Plan continues, I see not only physical growth but also mental growth. Encouraging and motivating other people with my progress on the SlimFast Plan fulfills my mission in life. I became a Registered Nurse to help and influence others to make the right decisions.


“As my success on the SlimFast Plan continues, I see not only physical growth but also mental growth.”


Losing weight with the SlimFast Plan was a life changing experience. After three successful years maintaining my weight on the SlimFast Plan, I still manage to seek new goals mentally and physically. I have learned that self-care is the best care.


† Danielle is a remunerated Brand Ambassador and used the SlimFast Plan (a reduced-calorie diet, regular exercise, and plenty of fluids) for 26 weeks. Average weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week. Results not typical. Read label prior to use. Check with your doctor if nursing, pregnant, under 18, or following a doctor prescribed diet.

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